PRIM came together in 2015 and have since then managed to impress critics and crowds alike with their progressive sound. The cultural scene of their home Vienna – the world’s capital of classical music – serves as an interesting background for their rather experimental but nonetheless accessible style. Everyone in the trio possesses technical virtuosity typically associated with Viennese classical music but their intriguing compositions and innovative instrumentation seem particularly fresh in the rather conservative environment. Despite their diverse musical inspirations and individual manner of playing, they complement each other perfectly. Christoph Karas’ polyrhythmic illusions harmonize with Felix Biller’s lyricism and Josef Unterberger’s underlying bass melodies.

This collaboration results in imaginative, visually evocative music that challenges usual expectations. The debut album, More & Less Diminished, released in 2016 in a different line-up (Biller, Konuray Mutluer, Ralph Dammerer) was described as showing “how jazz in Austria can and should sound” ( One year later, the EP 40 Days (Biller, Mutluer, Sherif Abdalla) proved that the band is constantly experimenting with sounds and schemes in order to reach an exceptional narrative quality. Enthusiastically received by the public in many concert venues, they show that Vienna and jazz still have a lot to offer – even more than one would expect.

Felix Biller – Piano, Guitar
– Electric Bass, Double Bass
Christoph Karas – Drums



More & Less Diminished

40 Days




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"PRIM bereiten mit ihrem ersten Album allen Jazzliebhabern große Freude. Das Wiener Trio beweist gekonnt, wie Jazz in Österreich klingen kann und soll." (Vera Schmidt -