We’re very excited to announce the release of our second recorded work, the EP 40 Days.

Release Date is the 18th july!

It will also be the last work in this formation at least

PRIM @ 1019 Jazzclub Vienna, Support by Swankster (g, b, d)

Double-Concert with the fabulous Woody Black 4 at the Davis Jazzclub Vienna

Next gig at the Tunnel Vienna, Support by Sketchbook Quartett once again

Show at the Celeste Vienna

Show at the FaniaLive Vienna

Next one up is a gig at the LOOP Vienna

First show of the new year at SCHWARZBERG

New Drummer

We have some very BIG NEWS: We have a new drummer, welcome to the band, Sherif!

So we’re quite back on tracks and starting off again!

See you all very soon again!

Goodbye Ralph

Dear friends and fans,
we don’t really know, how to tell you this and how to handle this situation:
Today we got the news that our beloved friend and drummer Ralph passed away the day before yesterday. He was only 28 years old.
He was a wonderful musician, but most of all our friend!
We both remember the good times we had together at rehearsals, concerts, in the studio, etc. Without him this trio wouldn’t exist and he was an integral part to our project.
He was a wonderful human being and we are thankful that we had the chance to get to know him.
The shock is still overwhelming and very deep. Our deepest condolences also to his family.
We hope you understand, that we have to cancel the upcoming concerts in october and november.
We don’t know yet, if and how we’re going to continue.
We will need time.

RIP Ralph
We will never forget you!
Konuray // Felix